DIY – a dress for our 4 years anniversary

Hello !

Je suis contente de vous retrouver aujourd’hui pour mieux vous présenter la robe que je me suis créée pour nos 4 ans de mariage. Pour l’occasion je m’étais commandé un joli tissu en dentelle jaune sur Etsy. Je pensais me créer une combinaison en dentelle jaune, je vous mets mon croquis juste en dessous. Le tissu en dentelle jaune me rappelait la couleur du miel, en adéquation avec nos noces de cire. Malheureusement le tissu n’est pas arrivé à temps, il a donc fallu que je change d’idée. J’ai finalement opté pour une robe plus simple dans un tissu en soie satinée. L’imprimé fleuri me rappelle les abeilles qui me rappellent la cire et la couleur blanche satinée me rappelle également la couleur de la cire des bougies. Le tissu est hyper confortable et trés léger. D’ailleurs je pense m’acheté d’autres tissus dans cette même matière car c’est vraiment un tissu idéal pour les hautes températures de Bahreïn. J’ai réalisé le patron de cette robe moi-même, j’ai seulement utilisé le patron d’une jupe d’un ancien magazine burda pour avoir une jolie base de jupe. Je vous laisse découvrir tout ça dans la vidéo-ci dessous.

Que pensez-vous de cette robe ?

I’m happy to be back today to better show you the dress I made for our 4 years anniversary. For the event I ordered a pretty fabric in yellow lace at Etsy. I wanted to create a playsuit. You can see my sketch just below. I thought this yellow lace was perfect because it reminded me of the color of the honey in reference of our wax anniversary. Unfortunately the fabric didn’t come in time so I had to change of idea. I finally decided to create a dress more simple in a silk satin fabric. The flower print remind me of the bees which remind me of the wax and the satin white color remind me of the wax color of the candles. The fabric is really comfortable and very light. But the way I think I’ll purchase more fabric in this material because it’s a perfect fabric for our hot weather in Bahrain. I realized the pattern myself. I only hacked a skirt pattern I found on a old Burda magazine to have a nice skirt base. I let you discover all the creative process in the video just below.

What do you think of this dress ?

Des bisous, xx


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  1. Hello Margot,

    Another beautiful and creative dress made by you! I imagine your dresses being displayed in capsule collections since you make really nice designs. I adore to see your processes from zero in the videos you share with us and it is cool that the magic starts with a drawing, as a designer I think that sketches are really useful to develope a good process 🙂

    The selection of the fabric is really nice and perfect for your personality. I can see you hard working on this in the video and paying attention to the details. It is difficult to do the wrapping effect around the waist? (sorry if I dont know the proper terms) It seemed difficult but you nailed it!

    PS. The photos taken at the beach are really nice too! Great shoes to style with the dress 😉


    1. Thanks you so much Pablo. Your comment really means the world to me.
      Yes definitely sketches are really helpful, especially when I have more than one idea and I wonder which idea will be the best.

      I think by the wrapping effect at the waist you mean the gathers. It was not so hard because I added some elastics but elastics are not always so easy to sew as you need to sew them in a proportion way so it doesn’t look too gather at a side and not enough in the other side. This particular fabric was actually not so easy to work with.

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