One month in France – video

Hello !

Je suis contente de vous retrouver aujourd’hui pour partager avec vous quelques images de notre séjour d’un mois en France. Je n’ai pas pris beaucoup de vidéos. Je n’ai pas non plus pris le temps de faire beaucoup de “face camera” c’est pourquoi j’ai ajouter quelques voix-off dans la vidéo ci-dessous en anglais, sous-titrée en français. En générale, je préfère surtout figer les moments avec mon appareil photo. Je vous montrerais toutes les photos de nos visites dans de prochains articles à venir. En attendant, j’espère que la vidéo vous plaira.

I’m happy to be back today to share with you few images to our one month back in France, my home country. I didn’t take that much video. I didn’t take the time to show my face a lot in camera that’s why I added some off-voices in the video just below. I speak in English (hopefully my language is understandable and good ) and its subtitled in French. But during my time in France I took a lot of pictures. Usually I prefer to stop the moment with my camera than recording them. I’ll show you all the visits we did in next travel articles. Waiting for it I hope you’ll enjoy this video.

Des bisous, xx


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    1. Oh merci beaucoup c’est adorable. Je n’ai pas encore un anglais parfait. Je pense que je fais beaucoup de fautes mais comme mon mari est américain c’est la langue que j’utilise au quotidien.

  1. Dear Margot, I just found when you in dynamic, it is more attractive.Hoping you always in a condifident condition just like you showed us.You are so beautiful. And I like your video, thank you so much for your sharing.

  2. Oooh hey Margot! I am happy that you had the chance to enjoy your country and your beloved ones for a whole month, despite all the paperwork and things related to the pandemic are a little bit overwhelming but hey you made it 🙂 !

    And it was nice to see your adventures in France, don’t worry cause as you sometimes I go with the idea of recording but surprise…. I start enjoying and I forget to take videos and even photos, I think that speaks of the idea that you’re having a nice time in nice places or with nice people right?

    Anyway you made nice captures and a lot of interesting things can be seen here: from the landscapes (the green in your area is so amazing), to the archicture, for example that castle-fortress is beyond incredible!


    1. Yes I’m so glad I made it to France. Honestly we’re not relieved until we left the airport in Paris.
      Yes definitely. I can never stop to take pictures because I love photography a lot but doing videos at the same time is a struggle haha.
      Thanks you. I think in the video you’re talking about the castle of Nantes. I love my city so much 🙂 The castle is one of the best part.

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