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Hello !

J’espère que vous avez passé un bon week-end. Aujourd’hui un nouveau look avec cette robe-salopette rose. Je ne vous l’avais encore jamais montré par ici alors que je la possède depuis un moment déjà. Je l’avais acheté chez Forever 21 au tout début de notre arrivée sur Bahreïn. Je l’a trouve trop chouette car très versatile. Je ne la porte jamais pareil. Ici, je la porte par dessus un petit top-cardigan noir avec des boutons en perles. Le tout associé avec des bottines noires, des bijoux à perles, un béret à perles et mon sac à dos Michael Kors. J’espère que le look vous plaira.

Je vous retrouve mardi pour un article retrospective de mon année 2020 et jeudi, je vous retrouverais pour partager avec la création de ma robe de Noël. Ensuite, il va falloir que je termine de partager avec vous notre séjour en Malaisie qui date déjà d’il y’a plus d’un an. 🙂

I hope you are all having a good week-end. Today I’m sharing with you a new look with theses pink overalls. I don’t think I ever shared theses pink overalls in an outfit article on the blog but I’ve been having them since a while. I bought them at Forever 21 just when we first moved out in Bahrain. I found them pretty cool and super versatile. I never wore them the same way. Here I’m wearing them above a Forever 21 little cardigan top with pearl buttons. I associated this outfit with black ankle boots, pearls jewelry, pearl beret and my Michael Kors backpack. I hope you’ll enjoy this look.

Tuesday on the blog, I’ll share with you a 2020 throwback article and Thursday I’ll finally post the article about my Christmas dress. And then very soon I’ll need to share with you the final articles about our trip in Malaysia which happened over a year ago, already !

Des bisous, xx


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  1. Hey Margot!

    I love that kind of pink, actually that kind of dust pink is in many details of my house and I’d love to have a garment in this color. I think the silhouette of these overalls is really cool since you can do tricks and combine it with many different pieces…. it could be an autumn piece but also be great a summer piece. I used to buy a lot at Forever 21 but lately it is difficult to find, specially in Europe.

    You picked a really nice background to shoot this look by the way, love those big palm trees that reminds me LA.

    Stay safe!

    1. I love Forever 21 as well. And I agree it’s not as common in Europe.
      I was so happy to find one in Paris. We had none in my home city.

      Thanks you, Yes they do look like LA palm trees. We have a lot here and they’re planting more and more.
      Stay safe too !

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