Grey and Pale yellow

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On se retrouve aujourd’hui avec un nouveau look. Rien de nouveau dans cette tenue mais j’avais envie de tester les deux nouvelles couleurs Pantone de l’année 2021 ensemble : Le jaune et le gris. Je n’aurais jamais pensé à marier ces deux couleurs ensemble et pourtant je trouve le résultat vraiment sympa. J’ai hâte de m’amuser encore plus avec ces couleurs car dernièrement j’ai eu envie de m’acheter de nouvelles pièces jaunes. J’ai hâte que mes nouvelles commandes de vêtements arrivent.Ici, je porte la robe jaune vichy que je me suis réalisée l’été dernier par dessus un sweat gris Bambi que j’avais trouvé en Corée du sud. J’adore pouvoir également porter cette robe en jupe. Je suis trop contente de l’avoir réalisé aussi évasé. Il n’est fait pas si froid sur Bahrein pour porter des sweats. On a vite chaud au soleil mais à l’ombre s’il y’a du vent il peut faire frais. Ce temps que j’adore me rappelle l’été en France. Alors je profite de porter des sweats tant que je peux car je sais que les températures vont vite augmenter.

Que pensez-vous de ce look ? Vous aussi vous adorez porter des sweats ?

I’m back today with a new look. Nothing new in this outfit but I really wanted to match the two 2021 Pantone Colors together : The yellow and the grey. I can’t wait to have even more fun with theses colors because I just got new yellow pieces. I can’t wait for my orders to arrive. Here I’m wearing a yellow gingham dress I made last summer with a grey sweatshirt with a little Bambi on it. I found this sweatshirt in South Korea. I love to also wear this dress as a skirt. I’m glad I made it as flared. The weather is not that cold in Bahrain to wear sweatshirts. You can get easily get warm at the sun but it can be windy and a little bit chilly at the shade. This weather remembers me of summer in France. I really enjoy wearing sweatshirts while I can since I know the temperatures are gonna get hot again in not so long.

What do you think about this look ? Do you also love to wear sweatshirts ?

Des bisous, xx


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  1. AHH! I LOVE THIS! Seriously, the cute pullover with the feminine dress beneath is such an amazing combination. You did a phenomenal job with the styling of this outfit and the colors are gorgeous too. What a great look!

  2. Hello Margot,

    I hope you receive the packages soon! I still waiting for some items too haha but you know…. postal system.

    I love that you say that hot weather is coming soon to your area, here we’ll have at least 2 or 3 (I hope) more cold months and I won’t like the cold weather to leave us soon since I love chunky sweaters and my jackets haha.

    But this is a great idea that combines lighter pieces + comfty but cozy garments. I like that color and is currently one of my favorites, this tone also reminds me of summer in France!

    And those shoes are really amazing, they remind me of David Bowie!


    1. Yes I’m so happy I received all the important ones. I’m so relieved haha. 🙂

      Oh I feel you. I love cosy sweaters and jackets looks so much.
      Thanks you so much for your kind words.
      Yes I love theses shoes ! I had a big crush on them when I saw them in a shop in Sicily 🙂

  3. This is such a cute look Margot! I love how the yellow and grey look together. I did not realize they were the Pantone colors of the year! This has me hoping spring will come soon. The sunglasses add such a fun vintage flair to your look! These pictures are so gorgeous by the way! I love the location you shot at 🙂


  4. Love this! And can’t believe how well these colours go together. Turning dresses into skirts has been my favourite way to get more wears during the colder months

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