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Comme promis j’ai 2 articles DIY de Noël à partager avec vous. Le premier que je partage ici c’est un col oversize que j’ai réalisé dans un tissu de Noël. Je me suis totalement inspirée de cette tendance que l’on voit partout en ce moment. Je suis trop fan de ces cols et donc j’ai voulu m’en réaliser un dans un tissu de Noël. Dans le bas du col j’ai ajouté de petits volants et sur le haut du col j’ai cousu un biais pour une jolie finition. Le biais continu dans le dos comme un ruban pour avoir un col amovible que je peux ajouter par dessus n’importe quel vêtement. Il y’a près de 10 ans j’avais reçu à Noël un col Claudine en sequins Zara qui m’avait tant fait rêver. Par ailleurs il est toujours avec moi, c’est un accessoire que je trouve indémodable. Aujourd’hui je m’en suis créée un moi même et ça va être trop chouette de le reporter chaque année pendant la période de Noël. Je compte d’ailleurs me refaire d’autres cols de ce type dans d’autres tissus, peut-être un blanc ou dans une couleur unie ou j’imagine aussi très bien ce col dans un tissu vichy ou fleuri.

En attendant ci-dessous vous pouvez découvrir tout le processus de création. La vidéo est très rapide. J’espère qu’elle pourra vous être utile. 🙂 Et je vous montre deux façons de porter ce col de Noël. 🙂

Like I promised I’m sharing with you 2 Christmas DIY articles. The first one I’m sharing here it’s an oversize collar I realized in a christmas printed fabric. I get inspired by this trend we can’t stop to see everywhere. I love theses kinds of collars so I knew I had to make a Christmas one. In the bottom of the collar I added some cute ruffles and at the top I sew a bias to have a pretty finish. The bias continues to the back so I can tied it up. That way I can put this collar above all the garments I want. About 10 years ago I received for Christmas a removable sequins Peter Pan collar from Zara. I remember dreaming so much about this collar. By the way I still have it in my drawer. I think it’s a perfect accessory. And today I’m pretty happy I made my own removable collar. Now I want to make more in different fabrics. I think about making a white one or in a plain other color. I can also imagine this collar in gingham or with a flower print.

Just below you can see a quick video about all the creative process. I hope you’ll watch it and you’ll find it useful. And just under you can see in 2 different ways how I wore it. 🙂

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  1. Hey Margot, I hope you’re having a fantastic week so far!

    You’re always going beyond with your creative projects and I congratulate you for that! I’d say the most important part of this is to keep trying new things and you always challenge yourself 🙂

    I love to see part of your process, I don’t know a lot about sewing but seeing your videos I feel like I can catch many basic stuff that I could apply to small personal projects or to customize some of my garments.

    I have seen this kind of big Peter Pan collars all the place, specially due to Ganni brand that is putting them in many places. I would love to see more of this creations for small accesories that can be paired of with many outfit.

    Yours is really great and for far it looks like something made of jewels!


    1. Let me know if one day you try to recreate one of my projects.

      Yes I definitely want to make more like this. I love theses kind of accessories which can be put in every clothes.
      Thanks you so much !

  2. it’s so fun and colourful! What a great DIY! You are very talented, it’s a cute accessory! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a great week! 🙂 We are looking forward to having a picnic today, making the most of the warm weather 🙂

  3. What a fun and creative way to accessorize an outfit. It’s great that you made a festive one for Christmas, but it’s so neat that you know how to make them so you can do other patterns or seasonal textures. So cool!

  4. I love love love this! It looks absolutely brilliant on you 🙂 Plus, I am so jealous that you have sun enough to be able to take photos outside – we are suffering from a very drab, very Welsh winter.

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