Sugar and Sweets – March Beauteque Monthly

Hi guys ! 

On se retrouve avec un nouvel unboxing de la Beauteque monthly pour découvrir les produits de beauté coréens que j’ai reçu pour le mois de Mars.

Le thème de Mars était Sugar and Sweets. Un chouette thème avec des produits en forme ou à base de sucreries : macarons, pêche, grenade…

        • Patch hydrogel pour les yeux à la grenade par Beaugreen , 20$
        • Eponges en forme de macaron, 6$
        • Masque bulles à la pêche par Beauty treats, 4$ 
        • Nettoyant pour le corps au lait de chèvre par Touch my body, 12$ 
        • Rouge à lèvres “Deat Darling tint” par Etude House, 6$ 
        • Crème au miel “Silk Volume” par Deoproce, 18$ 

Je vous laisse découvrir tout ça en vidéo avec mon opinion pour chaque produit. J’espère que la vidéo vous plaira. 

Today I’m sharing a new unboxing of the Beauteque monthly to discover the k-beauty products I received for the month of March .

The theme of march was Sugar and Sweets. A fun theme with a lot of products in shape or based of sweets : macaroons peach, pomegranate etc.. 

  •  Beaugreen Pomegranate and Ruby Hydrogel Eye Patch, 20$
  • Macaron Blending Sponge, 6$
  • Beauty treats Peach Oxygen Bubble Mask, 4$ 
  • Touch my body Goat Milk Body wash, 12$ 
  •  Etude House Dear Daling Water gel tint, 6$ 
  • Deoproce Silk Volume Honey Cream, 18$ 

I let you you discover all theses products along with my opinion for each products in the video. I hope you’ll enjoy the video. 🙂 

Sugar-and-Sweet-beauteque-monthly5Sugar-and-Sweet-beauteque-monthly2Sugar-and-Sweet-beauteque-monthly1Sugar-and-Sweet-beauteque-monthly3Sugar-and-Sweet-beauteque-monthly4Des bisous, xx



36 commentaires sur “Sugar and Sweets – March Beauteque Monthly

  1. Oh wow do you film this twice, once in French and once in English ? That’s some dedication, it must take you agesss!

    I’ve always wanted to try a bubble mask, they look like so much fun to use. xo

    1. Yes I do haha !
      I preferred to record it twice than adding subtitle during the set up of the video haha.
      And yes bubble masks are so fun.
      Thanks you !

  2. Hey Margot! Hope you’re having a good weekend so far 🙂

    I like when a package has a concept and you can tell a whole story with the main idea, so macarons and sweet treats are a good idea to talk about skincare and pampering our skin. Macarons are my favorite by the way haha, but I have a sweet tooth!

    Some things caught my attention, specially those eye patches that are on my bucket list of skincare things to try and I’m still trying to find a good option (will check this one) and secondly, the bubble mask…. I have seen some videos on Youtube and the process to get the nicest result looks cool!

    Enjoy the weekend with your new goodies 🙂

    1. Yes I also love when boxes follow a theme.
      I’m the same way. All about sweet and sugar haha !
      I really love bubble mask. It’s always so fun to use and the result is always great.
      Thanks you for your adorable comment Pablo, like always 🙂

  3. Oooh! I love the goodies you got from the March Beauteque box!! Pretty cool that you get a huge variety of skincare products. I love that the macaron sponge is SO CUTE!!!! Oooh milk washes are great for your skin. Glad you enjoyed them overall. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  4. All of these products seem so great, and I really love the theme! I’m all for sugary sweets, even though they aren’t good for me, haha.

    Wishing you the very best weekend ahead, friend!

    Make Life Marvelous

  5. That peach bubble mask sounds amazing! I’ve been wanting to try out Etude House’s products for awhile now, but I can’t decide what to buy! Also, I absolutely love your outfit you are wearing here. The peach skirt with the adidas shirt is such a fun mix between feminine and sporty.


    1. I really love Etude House. Their packaging is always so cute and they have really good products.
      One of my favorite product was their hair mask. It’s really good.
      And thanks you for my outfit 🙂

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