Malaysia vlog – Day 2 and day 3


Hi guys !

J’espère que vous passez un bon week-end. Aujourd’hui, je partage avec vous un deuxième vlog sur notre voyage en Malaisie. Dans cette vidéo, j’ai regroupé notre deuxième journée à Kuala Lumpur et notre premiere journée à Langkawi. La stabilisation de la GoPro c’est pas encore ça mais j’espère que ça vous plaira quand même et que ça vous fera voyager différemment que mes articles avec photos.

I hope you’re all having a good week-end. Today, I’m sharing with you a second blog about our trip in Malaysia. In this vlog I gathered 2 days : one second day in Kuala Lumpur and our first day in Langkawi. We are not so good at making videos yet but I hope you’ll still enjoy the vlog and it’ll make you travel in a different way than my travel article with pictures. 

Des bisous, xx




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  1. Hey Margot, hope you’re having a good week so far! 🙂

    As usual merci beacoup for all the kind comments on my site, it is nice to coincide with nice people like you in the digital world.

    And it is nice to see your experience in Malaysia from the perspective of a video, it is different from pictures (and I’d say that you always get to capture good pics during your trips). I like that all the scenarios are full of fruits and animals, it reminds me of my country in Mexico due to the diversity that you can spot basically everywhere right?

    And is good to see that you have a good travel companion 🙂 Where are you going next?!

    Best and I’m gonna check the other posts of the week 🙂

    1. Thanks you so much for your kind comment and your constant support too. It makes me happy you really enjoy my travel articles. There is more to come about Malaysia. It just takes time to prepare the pictures.
      Sadly I don’t have anything planned yet. With the virus we can’t planned anything right now if we don’t want to come back in quarantine in Bahrain.
      What about you ?

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