Being casual with striped pants and a printed tee-shirt.

Casual 8

Hi guys !

Aujourd’hui je vous retrouve avec un look décontracté, tout simple. Je porte un pantalon gris rayé ultra confortable que j’ai associé à une paire de baskets et une tee-shirt imprimé. J’adore ce tee-shirt d’une ancienne collection Stradivarius qui représente les Princesses Disney. Quand je rentre dans un magasin et je vois plusieurs Tee-shirts Disney je dois vraiment me faire violence pour ne pas tous les acheter. Et, je porte mon serre-tête rembourré violet pour rappeler les couleurs du tee-shirt et une veste en jean que j’avais acheté pour mon mari mais qui a très vite finit dans mon dressing tant je l’adore et de toute façon mon mari ne la porte pas. Que pensez vous de ce look décontracté ?

Today I’m sharing with you a new casual look, very simple. I’m wearing a grey striped pair of pants which is so comfy with a pair of sneakers and a Disney printed tee-shirt. I absolutely love this tee-shirt from an old Stradivarius collection. It’s so cute with the Disney princesses on it. Every time I see Disney printed tee-shirts in the shops I just have to force myself to not buy them all. Here I matched this tee-shirt with my purple padded headband and a denim jacket. I love this jacket, I bought it for my husband but he never wore it so it’s better in my closet. Let me know what you think of this casual look ?

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Des bisous, xx


54 commentaires sur “Being casual with striped pants and a printed tee-shirt.

  1. What fun striped pants! I really like your tee too and the oversized leather jacket is a great topper 🙂

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂

  2. This is such a cute outfit! I love how you paired the graphic tee with those striped pants. The headband is such a cute touch too! These are such cute pictures of you. I especially love the ones with the yellow wall! so bright and colorful!


  3. Hey Margot! I saw the sneak peek of this OOTD on IG and the t-shirt really caught my attention!

    I am a Disney fan and I’m currently looking something to wear on Disneyland haha! Anyway you styled your t-shirt in the most cool way possible 🙂 Ideal for the urban daily life but keeping that touch of happiness that is so necessary in order to survive the daily tasks of being an adult haha!

    I liked your pants also, they look so relaxed and it seems that you can style them with many other pieces right???

    1. How nice ! I also wished I had a Disneyland trip planned haha. I love Disney clothes.
      And definitely theses pants are sooo relaxed and it’s gonna be very versatile !

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