Styling a black dress with a fanny pack

Little black dress 2

Hi guys !

Aujourd’hui, un nouveau look avec cette robe noir que je vous avais déjà présenté ici. Seulement cette fois-ci je la porte avec une veste en jean, une banane, une paire de baskets et comme souvent un noeud dans mes cheveux. je profite de porter des vestes  tant que les températures n’avoisinent pas encore les 30 degrés. Cette veste en jean vous avez déjà pu la voir sur le blog, je vous avais expliqué qu’auparavant c’était une combinaison short que j’ai découpé pour pouvoir la porter en veste. J’espère que ce look vous plaira. J’aime l’idée de vous montrer plusieurs tenues avec une seule pièce et c’est tellement satisfaisant de pouvoir créer un tas de looks avec seulement une pièce de son dressing, non ?

Today I’m sharing with you a new look with a black dress I already style on the blog here. But here I wore it in a total different way with a denim jacket, a fanny pack, a pair of sneakers and of course I didn’t forget to add an accessory in my hair like I do pretty often. I’m taking advantages of the weather to not be crazy hot yet to keep wearing some jackets. You may have already saw this denim jacket on the blog. I already told you before it used to be a denim playsuit and I cut it to have a cute jacket. I hope you’ll like this outfit as much as I do. I love to show you different looks with one only item and I think it’s really fulfilling to create a lot of different looks with one single item . Am I not right ?

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Des bisous, xx


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  1. It hasn’t been until now that I’ve wanted a fanny pack because both my girls are so active, especially when out, so I know this would be much easier to keep all my essentials on me. A much better option than stuffing my phone in my back pocket or on the ground. I love yours, so cute with the plaid, giving a nice edgy touch.



  2. Hey Margot, hope you’re having a nice week so far! 🙂

    I saw this look on Instagram but of course is better to see all the details here. I like that it is very casual but with a little bit of retro vibes and with your personal touch. Fanny packs have been around for a few months and there are a lot of different models right now, this one has a cool unexpected personality that can be added to any look in case you want to spice it up with an accessory!

    Oooh and the sunglasses are so retro and cool! Just another perfect accessory for any look!

    All the best and thanks for your constant support!

    Gonna take a look at the other posts of the week!


  3. Hello ma douce Margot, tu es très jolie dans cette petite robe noire.
    J’adore les accessoires dans les cheveux, ça habille.
    Des bisous, Belle journée/soirée à toi

  4. It is so cool to see fanny packs being super trendy these days. I love that there are lots of styles out there. It’s great that there are different ways to sport them too, whether it is on the side, or across your chest. You look great in your outfit!

    Nancy ♥

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