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Day 1 Kuala lumpur93

Hi guys !

Comme prévu, aujourd’hui je partage avec vous une première vidéo de notre séjour en Malaisie. Je vous emmène avec moi découvrir le parc KLCC, l’aquarium de Kuala Lumpur, l’exposition Marvel, Bukit Bintang et l’incroyable piscine de notre hôtel. La vidéo est toute simple. Je ne suis pas encore très douée pour créer des photos. D’ailleurs je ne sais pas pourquoi Youtube détériore la qualité de mes vidéos mais j’avais vraiment envie de vous retranscrire un peu de l’atmosphère de cette première journée en Malaisie et puis ça nous fera de beaux souvenirs à hubby et moi. J’espère que ça vous plaira.

I’m sharing with you the first video of our trip in Malaysia. I’m taking you with me to discover KLCC park, the aquarium of Kuala Lumpur, the Marvel exhibition, Bukit Bintang and the amazing pool of our hotel. The video is really simple. I’m not the best at created videos yet. By the way I don’t know why all the time I upload my videos on youtube the quality is not as good.. But I  hope you would enjoy this little video. I really wanted to share with you the atmosphere of our first day in Malaysia and it’ll also make amazing memories for hubby and I. 


Des bisous, xx


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  1. Oh so cool thanks for sharing! Hmm not sure why the quality would be low. There are lots of reasons your camera has to be set to 1080p, then when you export the video in what ever editor you are using it also has to be at 1080p and I heard that you should wait a while a hour or so before hitting publish as even though it says it is done uploading it is not fully rendered so if you publish too soon it can look pixelated.

    Allie of

    1. Thanks you so much for trying to help me and for watching the video.
      I realized it’s only in the blog where the quality is not as good so I don’t know it’s weird.
      But maybe I did push the button too soon.

  2. I love the vlog of your adventures in Malaysia! It is so cool to see the city buildings. the aquarium looks really neat. It is cool that you got to go up close to the waters. I always have a harder time touching the stingrays though. Glad you had a ton of fun!

    Nancy ♥

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